Bourbon After Dinner Dessert Grapes&Nata De Coco/White Peach/Yogurt 160g Bourbon After Dinner Dessert 葡萄海底椰味/白桃味/酸奶味
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With a rich lineup, it is a cup jelly that you can easily enjoy delicious fruits at any time. Contains plenty of dietary fiber, which is often deficient in a day's diet. Although it contains grape pulp and nata de coco, it is low in calories and has been finished so that it can be eaten cleanly.

A large-capacity cup jelly with flesh that brings out the deliciousness of the fruit with juicy jelly. The jelly is refreshingly sweet and can be eaten deliciously even in large volumes. We use sliced ​​white peach pulp.

Flavors & Exp Date:
Grapes and Nata -  27.11.2022
White Peach -  27.11.2022
Yogurt -  01.10.2022