Korea HAITAI Bbasae Crispy Shrimp Potato Chips 60G 韩国海太 鲜虾脆片 60克
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韩国知名 Haitai 爆脆虾片,追剧必备零食,厚薄度刚刚好2.2mm,标榜新鲜虾子,口感新鲜酥脆十足。
The original flavor of Korea Haitai Crispy Shrimp Snacks, and the 2.2mm crust design of the chips makes the texture more light and cripsy. A taste of special and unique, crunchy and light but rich flavory, not enough for one taste!

有效日期 Exp Date:
Crispy Shrimp - 2022.08.08

REMARK 备注:中国生产食品上印制的是制作日期。Food that import from China is printed with manufactured date instead of expiry date