MEIJI Yan Yan Topping Chocolate/Strawberry Flavor 30g MEIJI Yan Yan 顶级巧克力/草莓味
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Meiji was an early pioneer of the chocolate dipping snack category. In 1979, we released Yan Yan, an exciting snack featuring stick-shaped biscuits and a chocolate dip on the side. A big success with kids, we began exporting Yan Yan to Singapore in 1982. Now, people around the world can enjoy the tasty treat in 40 countries, each region featuring carefully customized flavors, creams, and toppings.

Ingredients: chocolate cream (including vegetable oils and fats (soy), sugar, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, lecithin, flavoring) crackers (wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, shortening, salt, whole milk powder, yeast, cheese powder , leavening agent, caramel color, emulsifier (including soy)) topping (sugar, starch, gelatin, flavoring, coloring (beet red, flavonoids, gardenia, carotenoids), thickening polysaccharides) NET:48g.

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