泰国 大哥豆 袋装 花生豆/蚕豆/豌豆 椰浆味/鲜虾味/咖啡味/鸡肉味/烧烤味/盐焗/芥末味 Thailand Koh Kae Peanuts/Broad Bean/Green Peas
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Coated Healthy Snack. Ready to eat as peanut snacks at any time. Original & Famous Healthy Peanut Snack in Thailand about 40 years. Suitable for whole Family. Good for health with high standard & hygienic modern technology production process. It has been very popular with consumers Gentiles. By submitting Kae out to foreign countries.

口味 Flavor:
椰浆味花生豆 Peanuts Coconut Cream Flavor 17g
鸡肉味花生豆 Peanuts Chicken Flavor 17g
咖啡味花生豆 Peanuts Coffee Flavor 17g
鲜虾味花生豆 Peanuts Shrimp Flavor 17g
烧烤味花生豆 Peanuts BBQ Flavor 17g
盐焗蚕豆 Salted Broad Bean 20g
盐焗花生 Salted Peanuts 20g
盐焗带皮花生 Salted Red Skin Peanuts 20g
盐焗豌豆 Green Peas With Salt 20g
芥末味豌豆 Wasabi Coated Green Peas 20g

有效日期 Expiry Date:
椰浆味花生豆 17g - 03.12.2022
鸡肉味花生豆 17g - 04.11.2022
咖啡味花生豆 17g - 02.12.2022
鲜虾味花生豆 17g - 01.11.2022
烧烤味花生豆 17g - 02.11.2022
盐焗蚕豆 20g - 03.11.2022
盐焗花生 20g - 02.12.2022
盐焗带皮花生 20g - 05.10.2022
盐焗豌豆 20g - 05.02.2023
芥末味豌豆 20g - 04.02.2023