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【Thailand】Nestle Bear Brand Milk Gold White Malt/Goji Berry/White Tea/White Kidney Beans 140ml & 189ml Nestle 熊牌牛奶 金白麦芽/枸杞/白茶/白芸豆
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Thailand Nestle Bear Brand Gold milk
140ml per can,Halal,Imported from Thailand
Direction: Drink directly, better when drinking cold.
Keep : Best at 2 o C to 8 o C, avoid direct sunlight.

Gold White Tea - White tea : extracted from tea leaves, delicious taste, anti-oxidant for the body, anti-aging.
Gold White Malt - White malt (barley, white malt): extracted from barley. High nutrition and high energy. It can help lower cholesterol, better absorption of iron in the body, regenerate and increase blood quality, help skin rosy, fresh. Each can provides 20% of the vitamin.
Gold Goji Berry - Goji Berry. Low Fat Milk with Gojiberry
Gold White Kidney Beans - White Kidney Bean. Contains white-bean extract and soy protein and is a source of phaseolamin helps inhibit the body's production of alpha-amylase, enzyme digestion of carbohydrates. 

Exp Date:
Gold White Tea 140ml -  18.06.2023
Gold White Malt 140ml -  01.06.2023
Gold Goji Berry 140ml -  09.06.2023
Gold White Kidney Beans 140ml -  09.06.2023
Nestle Bear Brand Milk 189ml -  01.07.2023